Very Vanita was started in 2010, evolving out of the original works of Vanita Comissiong a well know Barbadian artist of some some 20 years experience. Vanita’s bright colorful artwork has been sought by lovers of art and collectors from all over the world. In 2002 Vanita opened up a chain of small art galleries in her home of Barbados, the small holiday island in the caribbean. The galleries carried a variety of hand made arty items as well as original pieces from other fine artist catering to the thousands of tourist that visit the island and locals alike.
Working in this environment it became clear that there was a deficiency in the “souvenirs” being offered for sale. What was being sought was a product that visitors could use and was easily traveled with, reflecting the vibrancy of the island and it’s people. With hundreds of images stored it was decided  to pair art with technology and create a digitally printed fabric range. Beach bags, scarves, slip covers, and tea towels form the basis of the range with new items being added every season and refreshed seasonally.
The Very vanita line is now being carried in a select number of outlets locally and regionally ,as well as being avaiable world wide through the online store .